how it all started

If you are reading this, then you have adventured to my site and are clicking around, exploring all the tabs, candles, and links. Welcome! My name is Amira, I am the Founder & Pourer at Chappelle Candle Co. First thing’s first, thank you. Just simply by coming to my site you are showing your support for my small business and I am so appreciative.

I was raised by the most creative women in the world, my mom. Angela is an expert of making and doing. From jewelry, to clothing, crocheting to vinyl cups, anything you can think of, I am sure she has done it, and done it well. She has always been my inspiration to try create. If you have a chance, show your support on her website:

Growing up, I jumped from hobby to hobby. I have filled sketchbooks with drawing, journals with short stories and poetry, worked with clay, cross stitched till my finger ached. I loved every craft that I did and I always showed my mom what I had done. When I was about 10, I tried to make a candle. I bought a kit from A.C. Moore and in my grandma's kitchen, I put the wax in a double-boiler, poured, and waited. Finally, after hours of wait, and to my surprise....


I . Was . Crushed. I didn't understand why my candle had caved in, why it didn't look like the perfect Yankee Candle that I had imagined. I gave up and didn't make another candle. I ditched my candle kit and went on about another hobby I had picked up.

Fast forward to the end of 2020. I was scrolling on Facebook Marketplace (pro-secondhand shopping) and I found someone selling their candle kit. It was 10 lbs of soy wax, various fragrances, and a pouring pot. My thoughts went back to 10 years ago and my very sad candle, I remembered how disappointed I was when my candle did not work out, but I also remember how much fun I had making it. I remembered how excited I was watching the wax melt, making sure the wick was centered, and of course the best part, pouring the candle. And even though my candle did not turn out the way I wanted to, I still had fun doing it. So I messaged the person and bought the kit.

In the end, what I really enjoyed was the process of candle making. I loved measuring the wax, the oils, trying new dyes and molds. And although not all of my candles turn out first pour perfect, every candle taught me something new that I didn't know before. I was making candles everyday after work, every Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. I was perfecting my craft with every candle, but that also meant that I was accumulation more candles than I could burn. So, I started giving my candles away to friends, family, co-workers, anyone who would take them. Everyone that I gave a candle to was so appreciative and supportive, I was happy to see something I made gave someone else joy.

Well, I very quickly ran out of people to give my candles and that's when I started thinking about this business. My goal for Chappelle Candle Co is not to get rich. I don't foresee myself quitting my full-time job and turning my living room into my candle headquarters, but this is something that I enjoy doing. I still come home after work, turn on my stove, measure my wax, and pour some candles. I am still learning, growing, and experimenting. The love of candles and the support of the people around me is what keeps me going.

When I said that just by you being here on my site was appreciated support, well, by you reading this whole blog post, I am just over the moon. Thank you, I hope you can find something from Chappelle Candle Co that makes you as happy as I was making it.

Your super grateful pourer,

Amira Chappelle Brooks

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