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Chappelle Candle Co.

Amira Chappelle Brooks

Founder & Pourer

Howdy hey! I made my first candle when I was 10, in my grandmothers kitchen with a candle set from A.C. Moore. I had no clue about making candles but I loved crafts & loved trying new things. Needless to say, my candle flopped. It was one big sinkhole & I had no clue why. At the time I did not understand the science behind candle making.

Fast forward to 2020, I dug out that old candle making kit from 16 years ago and I gave it another shot. With the power of the internet on my side, I researched and found out that everything required a precise temperature. Turns out, candle making was a complex art! I was making candles left and right, simply because I enjoyed doing it. I wanted to keep making candles but I was running out of space to store my creations. That's when chappelle candle co came to life.

I love making candles & I want to share that with others. All I can hope for is that someone enjoys one of my candles as much as I enjoyed making it. Thanks for reading! 


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